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Thursday, July 27, 2006

I had no intentions of writing about the Browns yet. I had nothing to say about them this early. I know training camp started yesterday, but it's still July, for Pete's sake.

But now circumstances have changed. And I'm changing right along with them.

In case you hadn't heard, Browns center LeCharles Bentley injured his knee this morning. According to www.espn.com , it's a potentially season-ending injury. WTAM didn't go so far as to say that, saying its anywhere from a twisted knee to a torn knee ligament.

My dad broke the news to me in a voicemail while I was at work. His voice was hushed and sounded grave. Now, that could have been because he didn't want his boss to hear him, but I'm sure part of it owed to the fact that our biggest free-agent signing and probably best offensive lineman might miss the season after two practices.

I thought he was joking at first. Had to be joking, right? Right?

It took me about 2.7 seconds to realize that he was serious. My dad likes to make jokes, but even this would be tasteless for him.

Two practices. Season over?

I called him back as soon as I could. We laughed. Not a "hardy-har-har, 'Wedding Crashers', Dane Cook comedy skit" type of laugh. No, more like a "we're tied up and held at gunpoint and the bad guy just made a horrible joke" type of laugh.

I just can't figure this all out. Is Art Modell out there somewhere with a Cleveland Voodoo Doll, poking and prodding at our sports franchises? Has Rocky Colavito cast a shadow over the north coast? Heck, is Ted Stepien even still alive?

I try to be optimistic, believe me, I really do. But I think the rest of the country can understand why Clevelanders are pessimists. Pittsburgh and Detroit are extremely similar cities to C-Town, economically, politically, dirty, etc. But they've got the Steelers (ugh), the Pistons (sheesh) and even the Tigers (gasp!). And what does Cleveland have?

Two practices. Season over?


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