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My name is Scott Miles. I'm a Cleveland native and a die-hard Cleveland sports fan. I am in my second year at Capital University where I write for the school paper, work in the Sports Information Department, and used to play baseball and golf. This blog focuses on Cleveland and Ohio State sports, along with Capital. Feel free to give me feedback!

Monday, July 31, 2006

In my haste, I forgot to mention several more things about the city of Cincinnati that drives me nuts and led to its inclusion on my list of "Cities I Hate the Most".

First of all, they're nicknamed the "Queen City". I mean, what's with that? How many queens have come from the city of Cincinnati? That's one of the weaker nicknames I've ever heard in my life. Can't we get Chris Berman or someone to come up with something more appropriate?

Secondly, all people in Cincinnati eat is Skyline Chili. It's an obsession, and it needs to stop. That's probably a reason why the city smells so terribly.

Finally, I was working with the Captains the other day, and a youth baseball team from out of town came to the game. All the kids had heavy Southern accents, so thick I could barely understand them. Many had stains of some sorts on their jersey. We had them signed up for some of our promotions, and they were pretty unruly and asking me a bunch of stupid questions. Trying to be nice, I asked their coach where they were from, and he said Cincinnati. Cincinnati! How could people from the fine state of Ohio act so unrefined? What a joke. There's a reason why so many "Give Cincinnati to Kentucky" Facebook groups exist (and one post responded, "I live in Kentucky, and we don't want them!" If Kentucky doesn't want anything to do with you, well...)

Some other random thoughts...

- Ronnie Belliard out, Hecotr Luna in. I'm real thrilled about this trade, getting rid of a proven second baseman for someone who couldn't overtake my cousin Aaron Miles for the second base job in St. Louis, batting a robust .280 with no power and shoddy defense. Even better, I read a quote from Luna saying he was excited to be "an everyday player". Hector, Hector, Hector - haven't you heard of Hall-of-Famer Joe Inglett? Shoot, you won't even be the most popular Hector in Cleveland sports - Hector Marinnaro still holds that honor.

- Fausto Carmona looks ready to take over the closer's role, huh? Seven runs in the last two games? I was at work with the Captains tonight, and when I left the Tribe led 8-6 in the 7th or 8th. I didn't listen to it on the way home because my friend Kelly was driving the carpool. Plus I was expecting them to score a come-from-ahead loss anyway. Sure enough, I come home, go to espn.com and boom! 'Papi's walk off lifts Sox' read the headline. Last year I woulda been pissed. Two months ago I woulda been pissed. Now, it's like hey, whatever, ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on.

- I was talking to my boy Sam McCarthy last week(by the way Sam, congrats once again on the new job - we'll miss you in the Capital Athletic Department) after LeCharles Bentley LeRuined his LeKnee. Sam, a Shittsburgh native and Steelers fan) agreed about the misfortune that Cleveland fans face. Personally, I'm totally numb to it by now. As I said to Sam, you could tell me right now that LeBron James was the wheelman in a drive-by shooting in the Flats, and I wouldn't be surprised. My buddy Stu and I were trying to explain this feeling to Stu's girlfriend, who's not a sports fan, the other night. Not totally understanding, she was throwing expressions out there such as "immune" or "expecting the worst", etc. I guess that's kind of it. It's weird. This all would have been easier if my grandparents had just settled in New York or something and I wouldn't have to worry about it. But it's a lot of fun soaking in all the misery of ineptitude that seems to surround this city.

And finally...

I've wanted to talk more about world issues and current events on this blog but haven't had the time. The big issue right now is the war in the Middle East, and I can't figure out the world's backlash against Israel. I may be biased because I have many Jewish friends, but here's how I understand it: Hezbollah terrorists cross the border, kill some Israeli soldiers and capture two others. This comes on the heels of a similar incident by the Palestinians. Obviously Israel is fully justified in doing what it has to do to protect its sovereignty. Imagine if Mexican terrorists crossed into Texas and killed some American soldiers or civilians - we'd be sending the Marines and F-16's into Mexico City within an hour. Furthermore, there have been a lot of civilian casualties in Lebanon, which I sympathize for, but Hezbollah has put those civilians right in the middle of the war zone. U.N. reports indicate the terrorists use vehicles marked with Red Cross signs or similar peaceful markings to transport troops to the front line. Essentially, this leaves the Israelis with no choice but to continue to fight as they have. Hopefully the international community will put more pressure on Hezbollah, and not Israel, to stop the fighting.


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Well done again. That world events analysis sounds like you could stand to start another blog?

Oh, and I have a new post up about the Tribe. Read when you get a chance.

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