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Friday, December 22, 2006

2006 Year In Review

First of all, a very happy holiday season to all the folks out there - yes, even you Michigan fans. I want to thank everyone for their comments on the last post, "Life on the Other Side" - if you couldn't tell, it was pretty fun writing that and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. Actually, the biggest disappointment was a lack of reaction from fans of those "other" franchises. Perhaps because they know I'm hitting the truth? Hmmm...

Now, some things to add on:

* Ken Griffey Jr. injured again: It appears he broke his hand in an accident at home. I mean, this is just getting ridiculous. This is a player who was arguably the second-best athlete of the entire 1990's, behind that Michael Jordan character. An article I read on foxsports.com said he's been on the DL eight times since joining the Reds in 2000. It's getting to the point where everyone's thrilled that he trotted out there 123 times last year, which was the second-most games he played in a season with the team in six years. I joked the other day that my grandmothers were more durable than Ken, but it appears I'm going to have dig a little deeper than that - after all, they've never broken any bones in home accidents, and both are pushing 90. Hmm, 90...maybe the number of games Ken plays in this year? Anyone care to bet an over-under on this?

* Pittsburgh Penguins on way out?: So let me get this straight - a casino company offers to build the team a new arena, for free, with no taxpayer's money involved...and the state government said no??? Mario Lemieux looks more frustrated right now than Emilio Estevaz at the beginning of the first Mighty Ducks movie. You've gotta love the NHL...actually, I take that back - I'm counting down the days until professional hockey folds.

All right, since I've gotten that out of the way, the true purpose of today's column is to examine the year 2006 in all its sporting glory, as always emphasizing the home boys. As is usually the case around this time of year, you can't seem to escape these year-end wrapups: top 10 lists, quotes, moments, blah blah blah. Of course, "Jack City" will be touching on these same points, but only in the way that we can: lyrical poetry. Enjoy...

Revisit, Rewind

Late December, almost Christmas time,
Warm and rainy, here’s another rhyme:
Northeast Ohio, the only Snow we have here
Plays point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Thank God for LeBron and Company,
Who sometimes play like a symphony.
Other times, not so much –
Game Seven, Pistons, they got crushed.

But in that Wizards series!
Yes, there were some queries.
James quickly put them to rest,
Showing who’s the best of the best.

A new “Wild Thing” is often seen,
No, I’m not talking about Charlie Sheen.
With big, curly hair, and hails from Brazil,
Proves hard work can overcome superior skill.

Sluggish start this season,
No one has any reason.
Hopefully for coach Mike Brown
At the end, we’ll wear the crown.

The Indians also had their struggles,
Facing major bullpen juggles.
At third base, man, what a loon,
We won’t miss you, Aaron Boone.

Will C.C. stay healthy?
Is Dolan too wealthy?
Travis Hafner, what a stud!
Guillermo Mota, what a dud!

Eric Wedge, looking over his shoulder.
(Hey, we’re going after Mark Mulder!)
But if the Tribe continues to falter,
In will step Buck Showalter.

2007, likely a new story.
2006, often times gory.
Grady, Victor, Casey “at the bat”,
This team really shouldn’t fall flat.

As for the Browns, oh where do I start?
Constantly causing pain in our hearts.
One whom I’m glad that is gone
Calling the plays, Mr. Maurice Carthon.

Close games, blow outs, it don’t matter,
On the scoreboard, we’re usually the latter.
Kellen and Braylon sometimes look dull.
Four words: “CATCH THE DAMN BALL!”

Charlie or Derek, who will it be?
Maybe the winner of the Heisman Trophy?
Our QB’s always have a clean clock –
Our offensive linemen don’t know how to block.

Romeo Crennel captains this ship.
And here’s where I’ll take a major rip:
2007, over .500, that’s where we need to appear.
Else we’ll send Romeo back to Shakespeare.

Ahh, things are bright in the center of the state,
January 8, of course, is the date.
Glendale, Arizona, under the shining sun,
Where the championship will be won.

Florida’s the next opponent,
Number two in BCS judgment.
Leaping over hated Michigan –
HAHAHA, let’s laugh again!

The Bucks, though, should take the cake,
Assuming they avoid a big mistake.
Another title for Jim Tressel,
Without the whole Clarett-media wrestle.

So, too, the boys on the hardwood,
Right now are looking pretty good.
Thanks to a man named Thad,
And Greg Oden, who I think’s older than my dad.

Now for the Capital Crusaders,
Home at Bernlohr, fended off all invaders.
At season’s end, number three in the country,
With no doubt, that’s reason for glee.

What if Larry Kehres had missed?
What if Nate Kmic didn’t exist?
Tough ending for our quarterback fellow,
Gracing jersey number two, Rocky Pentello.

Hit the road with the volleyball team,
St. Louis really was a dream.
Played well but fell under the Arch,
Our girls did make an impressive march.

Also spent some time with the Captains,
Who sadly didn’t record many wins.
I’ll miss the fish races, that’s no rue-
Ran ‘em with the shortstop at JCU.

That’s it for all of this year’s bliss,
So have yourselves a Merry Christmas.
(Don’t think I forgot about ya –
Guys, enjoy the rest of Hanukkah.)


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