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Thursday, November 16, 2006

While my friend John Carlisle took a more serious approach to previewing the most important game in college football history (well, maybe), I decided to go a different route. I can't compete with John or ESPN or any of the other thousands of media outlets that have done something to cover the game...in the conventional manner. Like my OSU-Texas preview, here's a special twist on Saturday's Big Game. So please enjoy (and understand that I'm an unabashed Ohio State fan - cryptic message at the end.)

So now that time has come,
The biggest rivalry of them all,
An encounter between two and one,
College football’s come to call.

Capital and Wittenberg will be a battle,
(Oh wait, that’s a different game!)
Sorry, I didn’t mean to prattle –
That “other” contest has a bit more fame.

How about OSU-Michigan?
Saturday at the Shoe?
Will the Bucks win again?
Or will it go to the Blue?

When last I wrote,
To preview for the Buckeyes
We turned the Longhorns into goats
Much too weak to beat our guys.

I talked about Teddy and Troy
And their big play potential.
Nothing’s changed, not a ploy
Nothing too substantial.

Michigan counters with Henne and Hart,
Super Mario and a tough defense.
Certainly must get off to a fast start,
Else there might be no suspense.

Woody and Bo
Two coaching legends.
Jim and Lloyd have another go
Four out of five – Carr tries to make amends.

Before we delve any deeper
End right now this debate
And pray Michigan goes home a weeper
That, yes, was written with much hate

My devotion lies true
I will most certainly admit it
Chance Saturday’s winner wears blue?
Haha – that’s bullshit.

In time we’ll see
Gather all ye ‘round
And watch the game in glee
Not a vacant seat to be found.


Blogger John Carlisle said...

Dude, my blog gets a shoutout in the lead of your post?? Sweet! I'll take it! Haha, and good stuff with that 'Twas the Night before Gameday thing or whatever it was.

11:04 PM  

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